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1、The concept of sustainable development

Adhering to the corporate core values of "customer orientation, employee growth, integrity and pragmatism, and win-win cooperation" and the corporate social responsibility policy of "abiding by laws and regulations, respecting employees, sustainable development, and giving back to society", we actively pursue the organic unity of corporate economic growth and social responsibility. We always take contributing to shareholders and creditors, employees, customers, communities and sustainable development as its own responsibility. We also actively promote the fulfillment of social responsibilities of stakeholders, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees. At the same time, engaging in environmental protection and social welfare activities, and promoting the harmony and harmonious development between corporate and society.

2、Employee care

People are the creators of enterprise value, and human resources are the core resources and the basic elements of core competitiveness. Implement the "first-class talent" strategy, promote the training and development of human resources, and achieve common growth with employees. The total headcount in 2020 is 1300, serving different business areas.

3、Promote green development

Environmental protection and energy conservation and emission reduction have always been an important part of the company's sustainable development strategy. Being fully aware of the importance of protecting the environment and creating a sustainable society, we integrate environmental protection into every operation link and the entire product life cycle. According to ISO14001:2015, establish and implement EHS management system, and accept internal and external audit every year. The EHS management system is applicable to all areas and applied to environmental protection management at all stages in the process of product design, development, manufacturing, delivery and service. In 2020, no environmental-related violations and related penalties were involved